AKKO Monet Pond 3108V2/3087V2 Wired Mechanical Keyboard

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alert("Enter your number.");
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About Monet’s Pond

The inspiration comes from a pond in the Shinto Shrine in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Among the lotus leaves in the pond, koi of various colors swim freely, reflecting the clear light blue water and the clear water lily, creating a beautiful picture of quiet and secluded.

Full Key Macro Programming

Use AKKO chipset, support full key macro programming system, Support firmware update, Can be constantly modified and added features.A chip can be used for a long time.

Rich Multimedia Function Keys

A variety of combination keyboard Settings, improve the efficiency of work and games.It’s very convenient and fast!

Note:The keyboard itself does not have a light bead insert.You Need to add a light bead to use the backlight function.


Type-C Interface Separate cable

Standard Type-C to USB

Support Type-C to Type C

Easy to use, disassemble, and to carry.

Three-way Outgoing Line

The foot pad comes with triple outgoing line channel so you can adjust the directions of the line without obstacle.

3 levels adjustable feet to allow you to find the best height and set the perfect position.

3-Level Angle Adjustment

Considerate design with 2 adjustable feet and 3 level angle allow you to find the most comfort height and position when your typing,gaming or any case.