Akko World Tour Tokyo/Monet’s Pond Mousepad

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Experience the Culture of Tokyo

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Tokyo is an Asian city with rich history and culture, and it’s a trending travel spot.

Popular sceneries and cultural elements such as the Fuji Mountain, Sakuri and Maneki-Neko are integrated into the design of the Tokyo R2 mousepad.

Working with it every day will light up your indefinite imagination, and make you recall the beauty of traveling. Just like what is highlighted in the concept of the World Tour series, you can type and start a journey anytime.

The R2 Mousepad is a great addition to pair with your Akko World Tour Tokyo keyboard and wrist rest set.

The Fun Never Ends
AKKO’s World Series
 line has landed in Tokyo, and it’s taken inspiration from the city’s most striking features in an all-new series. As the most symbolic city in Japanese modern times, Tokyo is more than Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree or Mount Fuji. The cultural influence of the iconic feature is extended every inch on the AKKO Desk Mat.

Featuring a cherry-blossom-colored theme and decorative mount Fuji, the wrist rest will lead your finger on a trip across the capital city with novelty legends featuring Maneki Neko, a red sun rising behind Mount Fuji, and historic temples.

Tokyo R2 Mousepad Specification

Base Material: Natural Rubber
Surface Material: Fine Fiber
Dimension: 400mm x 900mm (15.7inch x 35.4inch)